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More than 10 years ago, one of my girlfriends, who is a Medical Doctor taught me how I can relieve negative thoughts, behaviours, physical pain and change any negative circumstances in my life. What she showed me was like hocus pocus and I, honestly, didn't believe it. After my second tapping experience, I felt almost an immediate relief on my terrible persistent headache. It was unbelievable. So my Tapping journey started with this experience and is now part of my life.

How do you connect with your body, soul and mind? We all know about yoga, meditation, massage, reiki etc.. What about Tapping or EFT? Tapping is the most low cost(it is basically free), low risk treatment for everyone.

How does Tapping work?

First of all patient has to focus on his/her negative thoughts, emotions, or pain on that particular moment. Than start to tap with affirmations. Or you can start with just tapping, then add your affirmations.

We all have a physical body and a body of energy. In our body of energy, we believe to have meridians and channels. These channels and meridians work as a pathway, where blood, prana( vital force, breath. When person in balance, prana flows easily) flows. Meridians are all over the body and effect mind and physical body together. They are like complex water pipes. All meridians are connected with each other and our emotions.

With tapping, like homeopathy we are peeling away all the emotions, going deeper and deeper and at the end releasing hidden emotions.

When we tap at the end point of the meridians, we send a signal to the brain, activate the "fight or flight" (accidents or some other unpleasant experiences can trigger stress hormones that produce well-orchestrated physiological changes. A stressful incident can make the heart pound and fasten breathing. Muscles tense and sweating starts. This combination of reactions to stress is also known as the "fight-or-flight" response because it has evolved as a survival mechanism, enabling people to react quickly to life-threatening situations when we are anxious, stressed, worried or in pain.)

Tapping points are:

Top of head, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin(under lip), collar bone, under collar bone, under arm, karate chop, side of fingers, side of knees, all the way down the side of legs. Tap 5 to 7 times at each location, and say your affirmation and sink into the idea.

As a tapping objective, you can choose an obvious and simple problem, such as addiction, weight problems, physical pain, a financial issue etc. Sometimes these can be more deeper, so in the meantime you can identify these deeper underlying issues as well. For example you can start tapping for neck pain (Affirmation is: Even though I have this neck pain, I deeply and completely accept myself) This is symptom tapping. If the neck pain doesn't go away after 3 -4 times of tapping you will go deeper, and look at your emotions. So you can ak yourself "what is the emotion behind this pain?" (anger, anxiety, boredom, contempt, depression, despair, disgust, stress, embarrasment, fear, frustration, grief, guilt, hatred, homesickness etc..) What do you think when you have neck pain; then tap on those emotions until they are cleared. It can go deeper and deeper or it can cleared up during that tapping sessions.

In the beginning of this journey, it sounds confusing and hard to believe. But once you learn how to do it, where the critical meridian points are, it becomes very easy and fun and you experience the quick and stable results.

Give yourself 15 minutes and please contact my clinic to learn about Emotional Freedom Techniques and detailed tapping instructions. It is very easy, effective and quick treatment for any kind of body and mind problem.

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