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Homeopathic Treatment for Cold/Flu

Flu season is coming... Do we know how to prevent or how to discard that from our life?

We all suffer from cold time to time, sometimes it takes a long period of time to heal sometimes it comes and goes by itself. Homeopathy can shorten that unpleasant time and improve your symptoms in a gentle way.

A study showed that children whose colds were treated with homoeopathy were more likely to feel and do better than children whose colds had been treated conventionally. Homoeopathically treated children also had fewer complications after cold such as sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

How can we avoid cold at all:

Wash your hands. Air born viruses usually travel by skin to skin contact- so shaking hands with someone with a cold, or coming into contact with something they have touched will transfer the virus. Wash your hands frequently when you’re around someone with a cold to reduce your risk of catching it.

Don’t rub your eyes or nose. Likewise avoid rubbing your eyes and nose, especially if you haven’t been able to wash your hands, as these are the two main points at which the virus enters your body.

Vitamin D helps the immune system response to viruses and bacteria.

Make healthy lifestyle choices such as getting enough sleep, drinking pure water, and eating fresh and healthy food

Basic treatment for common cold:

Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day will thin the mucous and make it easier for your body to heal.

Go slow on milk. Reduce, or stop, your consumption of milk. Dairy stimulates the production of of mucous, especially in those who are sensitive to it, which in turn supports the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Rest is one of the most important things you can do when you’re sick.

Yogurt and kefir contain micro-organisms called probiotics that increase the body’s white blood cells which protect against infections and harmful bacteria. Yogurt generally has less lactose content than pure milk.

Oregano is an excellent herb for cold and anti inflammatory and boost immunity.

Lemon is also a miraculous fruit for us. It's taste acidic but when you consume, it makes our body alkali. When you are sick, your body is acidic.

Garlic treats perfectly sore throat and other cold symptoms. Crush it and mix with honey, leave it in a cool place half and hour, when it is look like runny take it with teaspoon when needed.

Cinnamon is a natural antibiotic. Mix it with your herbal tea, honey, as well as with yogurt.

Ginger - Turmeric is an anti inflammatory combination as well. You can simply use them when cooking or with herbal teas.

Couple of Homeopathic Remedies for Cold and Flu

Below are a couple remedies that are used by homeopaths for cold/flu treatment, but you have to remember that in homeopathy each case/person is individual and each remedy is tailored to the patient's symptoms. They should be taken with consulting your Registered Homeopath.


Sudden onset, after exposure to cold wind, early stage to cold and throat symptoms. Person alert and has fear of dark or death.

Allium Cepa

A discharge from the nose is burning and can make the upper lip and nose raw. Watery eyes, and sneezing. Patient gets worse in a warm room.

Arsenicum Album

Anxious, chilly patient. Nose stuffed up. Burning discharge from nose and eyes.


Fever. Red cheeks. Skin is usually dry. Anxious, agitated patient. Second stage of cold. Nasal discharge is watery and thin.


Watery nasal discharge but not irritating. Loose cough, and not too deep and not too severe. Cough has build up a lot of mucous and better by lying down or eating.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Less restless person than Aconite. For early stages of respiratory disturbances. Person could have circular red patches on her/his face. Not intense fever.


Gelsemium symptoms usually comes gradually. Person feels herself/himself weak for 2-3 days. Tickling nose. When the runny nose starts, discharge is watery. Very weak, great tiredness.

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